Vibe is the first “Urban” Italian club, located in the new fashion and design district and central “City Life Porta Nuova” Milan, a few steps from Corso Como, is a very glamorous and attractive.

A space on two levels completely renovated, thanks to a careful restyling, with surprising decor: high ceilings, stained glass windows of the city and a voluptuous staircase entrance.

Vibe is a universe in constant ferment, a place of style where everyone can experience the quality and sophistication, where elaborate a philosophy that it is above all an experience not to be missed.

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The VIBE Room is the novelty of Milanese nightlife. It is the only Hip-Hop disco in Milan and is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. As soon as you enter the entrance, you seem to be in a New York City venue, both for the furniture and for the musical selection. In just one year, VIBE has become a real reality, for those who love Hip-Hop music and for those who love clubs with an international touch. </ P>
Vibe, located in the central fashion and design district City Life Porta Nuova, is the hip hop club in Milan most loved by the most trasgressive clubbers in the city. A stone’s throw from Corso Como, the space is original and captivating. Two levels, high ceilings, windows and windows overlooking the city, voluptuous staircase at the entrance: Vibe is a place of style that offers a unique experience not to be missed. The location is designed to be declined for any type of event, but it is during the night, when it is populated by the hip hop clubbers of the city, which gives the best of itself.

This club has in fact become the reference point for those looking for hip hop evenings in Milan: in Milan’s nightlife it is in fact the only nightclub entirely dedicated to this style, which is becoming more and more successful in the fashion capital. Entering the entrance will seem to be in a New York City venue, both for the furniture and for the music selection: Drake, Future, Taylor Gang, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg … just to make some name of what you will dance.

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