Surfa was born in Latina. Fa Rap since he was 13, he has made five albums, of which the last two have entered the top 5 of the best-selling albums in Italy on iTunes and, to date, has collaborated with many members of the Rap scene.


Exo is a DJ, producer and designer.
He produces music from the age of 14, and to date some of the best Italian rappers have rapped on his instruments.
In addition to producing music, he continues his activity as a DJ: he has 8 mixtapes, which have been published on the major international sites of the sector and plays in several clubs.


Hassan Saad, better known as HASSY, born in ’93. Ever since his early days, he’s been attracted by the U.S world of motorsports, especially motocross and freestyle motocross. From that point, he got in touch with action sports and breakdancing opened up the doors of hip hop that will lead him to studying, researching and falling in love with the culture, drifting through the four elements till the present day, rockin the mic.


In 2003, at the age of 17 he started playing in the pre-evening at CrazyBull (Vicenza), in 2011 he played as a resident at the NuClub (VI) local that during the weekend he selected the best Hip Hop music in the Vicenza area; For over 10 years he has shared the console with friends and DJs of national and international caliber.


Cece Mc is eclecticism in person, given its multiple artistic dimensions: presenter, speaker, vocalist, musician, promoter, talent scout and organizer.
Pyrotechnic and tireless, in 2011 he created Kinetic Vibe, an agency that since 2011 has been working both in Italy and abroad to organize and promote k-pop concerts; also in 2011 he founded the Kpopitalia association: Myname, B1A4, Block B, Lunafly, Rockbottom, AndUp, Crush and 24K are just some of the artists brought to Europe by Kinetic Vibe in recent years. His official partner Zanybros, a leading Korean company in the production of music videos and genre films.